The I of the Dragon

The I of the Dragon 1.0

A fantasy adventure game with high-quality graphics (if a bit outdated)
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The I of the Dragon is a fantasy adventure game. You will guide one of the three dragons designated by Ungh-Agor, the Dragon God, to save the world of Nimoa, threatened by Skarborr, a giant demon. You will need to defeat the monsters that serve him, and collect crystals that will enhance your strength and power. The Ungh-Agorites, a religious order of magicians who fly on carpets, will guide you through your quest.

You will fly across the land blowing fireballs to defeat your enemies. They will also fire back at you, so you must avoid some projectiles. Each time you kill an enemy you gain experience, which can be used to restore your lost strength. To help you take aim, a target will surround your enemies. You will also see an indicator of their remaining strength.

The graphics in this game are astonishing (allowing for the game's release date - late 2004), as well as the light effects, the reflections over the water, sunsets, etc. The sound is good, and the music you can hear during the game is relaxing. The game can be installed and run in both German and English.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very cheap
  • It has superb graphics, animation and sound


  • A bit outdated
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